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Delegate the Financials.

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Think about the best part of your small business.

It’s the reason you’re excited to wake up every morning. When people ask what you do for a living, you amaze them with the love you have for your work.

For most people, bookkeeping is their least favorite part of work because it takes them away from doing what they love. However, knowing how much money you make and where you spend that money can help grow your business and give you peace of mind.

If you're ready to let someone else do the "boring" work, you’ve come to the right place. Ledger Line Bookkeeping was created to help business owners increase revenue and focus on their passion. You'll receive personalized service from an experienced bookkeeper who loves her work.

For me, bookkeeping is the most exciting part of the business world. That’s why I know I can help you improve your business. I'll dig into the details and create reports that you can understand quickly. Why should you spend hours every day doing something you don’t enjoy? Why not hire someone else who could do it for you? With me on your team, you'll be able to see the financial health of your business in a matter of minutes, then get back to doing what you love.


Why do you need a bookkeeper?

If you want to meet financial goals in your business, you need accurate data about where your business is today. Proper bookkeeping ensures that you can make decisions easily and in a timely manner. If an unexpected expense happened today, would you know if you could afford to pay for it? If you don’t have the cash on hand right now, would you be able to provide the bank with all the information that they need to approve a loan? If you often feel overwhelmed with the task of bookkeeping, hiring an expert can give you a great sense of relief.

01. Peace of Mind

Know that your financial records are maintained by an expert.


02. Straightforward Data

See your company’s health in a simple, easy-to-digest format.

03. Time Saved

Spend time on the things you love in your business and life.

04. Business Growth

Use your financial reports to create a budget and grow your business.


Accurate Data. 
Healthy Business.


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Virtual Bookkeeping

What is a virtual bookkeeper? Basically, it is a professional bookkeeper who doesn’t require office space. All tasks are performed via the internet using cloud-based software. I use Xero and Quickbooks Online as the central software systems, so you, your accountant, and I can all access financial data from any computer in the world. This allows me to help you automate business processes, and ensures that you can see that your finances are being correctly managed. Through continuing education, I will be kept up-to-date on changes in accounting standards, which I can explain in simple terms and apply to your business. You will receive regular email communication regarding your business and industry, as well as scheduled monthly phone calls to discuss various aspects of the financial statements.

As a virtual bookkeeper, I am able to help businesses all over the United States. This means that I can learn best practices for a specific niche’s bookkeeping, then integrate those practices to improve your business. This leads to efficient bookkeeping, timely financial data, and growth of your business.

If you are excited about the possibilities that come with hiring a virtual bookkeeper, contact me today!



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